Lulin Garden

Lulin Garden is a project devised with the ambition of emerging as a small oasis amid the large Lulin residential district in the western part of Sofia. A deluxe development, the building will be taking full advantage of the attractive natural scenery of this part of the city, situated in close proximity of the lovely Mount Lulin. Lulin Garden includes 23 apartments arranged on four floors, 3 studios on the fifth floor, a ground floor with shops and offices, and a basement with underground parking places. The residential apartment bloc is built in full compliance with the Bulgarian construction standards.


Veliko Tarnovo Hills

Veliko Tarnovo Hills will be built in the southeastern part of Bulgaria's old medieval capital Veliko Tarnovo - in the locality of Troshana. It stands very good chances of becoming a luring suburb of the ancient town, which has prospered recently as a university and tourism center. Veliko Tarnovo Hills will rise close to the highway connecting the capital Sofia with the Black Sea pearl Varna, lying at an equal distance from two of Bulgaria's key destinations for business, high living standards and tourism.


Mercure Sofia

MercureSofia is a modern residential development. The project is spread on 9500 sq. m above the ground. This unique place  offers its  residents a wide range of services and facilities. The modernistic silhouette of the building will alter the skyline of the most dynamically developing area in the capital city.


Razlog Village

A project of holiday apartments commercial spaces and hotels in the Rila mountains near the town of Razlog and the Basko ski resort Bulgaria.


IB Residence

A residential project in the center of the Bulgarin capital Sofia including a 370 sq.m. Commercial ground floor and 30 residential units on an overall area of 2700 sq.m. The project is located in the Serdica municipality at 84 Vrania ST

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